Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Romney Again Out To Early Primary States

So, according to the Associated Press Governor Mitt Romney is away for much of this week, preferring once again to spend time out-of-state rather than attend to the business of governing. From the article:

Romney, who is considering a run for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, is making stops in Ohio, South Carolina, and New Hampshire this week. During the past weekend, he visited Utah, along with another trip to South Carolina.
For those keeping score, that's two trips to South Carolina, the first southern primary, in the course of a week. Romney did spend enough time in Boston to fire a salvo at House Speaker Sal DiMasi, making sure that everyone knows the Governor thinks that it's OK for companies that don't provide health care to subsidize those that do.

Defenders of the Governor say that it's OK that he's out of state so much, after all he does have responsibilities as the chair of the Republican Governor's Association and lucky for us he has Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to tend to business while he's away. Of course this is the same Kerry Healey that demanded John Kerry resign for spending too much time running for president. Somehow I don't think that she is holding Governor Romney to the same standard.