Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Health Care Action Items

From Blue Mass. Group:

Tomorrow, Wednesday 3/1, at 1pm, there will be a hearing on the MassACT ballot initiative at the State House, room A-1.

Show up a little early @ 12:30 for a press conference by the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization -- always well-organized, well-spoken and inspiring, those folks.

The MassACT initiative is the grassroots' leverage over the whole health care reform process. The more folks who show up, the more leaders will remember where their bread is buttered.
In addition, Andy over at Mass. Revolution Now! has some suggestions for making calls to your legislators. If you want to make your frustration known, talking to them is probably more productive than venting on the Internet. Just remember to be polite.

I haven't talked much about the Health Care situation, mostly because others have been doing such a better job of it, and are more informed than I can hope to be. Under the Golden Dome has some links to blog commentary, including to Lynne, who is calling for Travaglini's resignation over the debacle. If you missed Adrian Walker's post-mortem yesterday in the Globe, it's worth a read, too.