Monday, February 13, 2006

Meth in Massachusetts: Coming Soon?

Today's Herald had a short article about meth addition in Massachusetts. While the problem is not as prevalent here than in other parts of the country, it's still a growing concern as meth made in large production facilities in Mexico finds its way here.

[T]he Bay State poses the largest risk in New England for crystal meth addiction, said DEA Special Agent Tina Murphy, who spoke last week at a crystal meth conference sponsored by the Boston Public Health Commission.

"Meth is the fastest growing drug threat in America today," said Murphy.
Tomorrow night, PBS's Frontline has a special on The Meth Epidemic at 9 PM. I heard an interview with the producer/writer/director, Carl Byker, on the radio this morning and it struck me how lucky we've been in Massachusetts, compared to other places where meth is already a real crisis. If you're looking for some anti-Valentines programming, this might be up your alley.