Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Desk Clearing

Another Friday, another chance for me to clear my desk of all the things I didn't get a chance to talk about. This was a big Gabrieli week, so most everything else fell by the wayside. Here are a couple things that I came across but never posted until now.

  • If you wouldn't vote for Frist...: What are the national Republicans offering Peter Blute to run against Ted Kennedy? It's not money; their goal is to force Kennedy to spend it, not to drain their own resources tilting at windmills. What's in it for Blute? Redemption?

  • Three children orphaned after Nonantum Rd. crash: Three Waltham children are trying to get to Korea to be with what remains of their family after their mother was killed in an accident on Nonantum Road last week. The end of the article has a suggestion if you're willing to help them. Just as a reminder, the Romney administration didn't think that road was worth a traffic study.

  • Leone rasing his profile: Middlesex DA candidate Gerry Leone was on Greater Boston last night as part of a panel talking about the Entwhistle case. I wonder if the Hopkington prosecutor will use the case as an opportunity to raise his profile or if that was just a one-time appearance.

  • Candidates Side by Side: Marry in Massachusetts has a nifty three column chart comparing the positions of gubernatorial candidates Deval Patrick, Kerry Healey and Tom Reilly. If nothing else, it certainly proves that only one candidate has cared enough to put out detailed position papers this early in the game.

  • Who Got Shot By Dick Cheney?: Now you too can get shot by Dick Cheney, or at least create a fake page that says you did.

  • You spent how much?: According to Ad Week, the Bush administration spent $1.4 billion taxpayer dollars on advertising agencies in just the past two-and-a-half years. They're spending our money to sell us their crappy programs. (via Political Wire)

Anything else?