Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Roundup

Last week, too much was happening to have a roundup post, but since it's Friday, and there's a lot of little things left to talk about, I thought I would continue my brief tradition of clearing my desk at the end of the week so I can start the weekend fresh. Here's a couple of things that I think are interesting:

  • Healey Reaction: Kerry Healey -- Out of Touch has a rundown of reactions to her official announcement of her candidacy for governor. Scot Lehigh has his (mostly favorable) reaction in today's column, where he also makes mention of Christy Mihos' budding campaign.

  • Weld Makes News, Literally: It seems former Massachusetts Governor and current New York gubernatorial candidate William Weld is sanitizing news stories for his website. The Times reported last week that campaign staff removed "all negative phrases about him" from various news articles and put them under the 'news' heading of his website, with no mention of any of the changes. (via America Blog)

  • Students For Murray: A group of young volunteers for Tim Murray's campaign for Lieutenant Governor have started their own blog. It's refreshingly full of enthusiasm and currently has some of their stories about caucus day. (via Under the Golden Dome)

  • Howdy Neighbor: Dan Kennedy has a great article in CommonWealth Magazine profiling the citizen journalist movement as exemplified by Watertown's own Lisa Williams of H2OTown. Check it out if you're interested in taking a peek under the hood of one of the best locally focused blogs out there.

  • Truthiness = Journalism: Michael Crichton has won a journalism award for his fictional book "State of Fear," which dismisses global warming as an elaborate hoax. Who would give a work of fiction an award for journalism? The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, of course, which claims the novel "has the absolute ring of truth." (via BoingBoing)

  • Boehner Gets Huge Overnight: This embedded quicktime movie is simultaneously the funniest and worst thing ever to feature newly elected Republican Majority Leader John Boehner. (via Metafilter)

What's on your mind?