Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Never Handed Anything?"

Last week, we commented on a Wayne Woodlief column profiling the maybe Republican maybe Independent gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos. In that column, Mihos made the claim that he was "never handed anything in his life," which was met with skepticism by one commenter here. Well, that wasn't the only person to notice that particular passage. According to the Boston Herald, Mihos' own sister is disputing that claim. Here's the passage from the article:

Mihos and his sister, Marlene Mihos Bucuvalas, haven't spoken in years, but in a letter to the Herald, she takes their sibling spat public, ripping him for claiming he worked his way up in the world when in fact their parents set him on the road to riches.

"We were all given things. We cannot say we got anything for free. My parents did so much for us," said Mihos Bucuvalas.

Mihos' late father, Peter Mihos, gave his three children proceeds from real estate sales and gifted ownership of Christy's Markets to his two sons, Bucuvalas said.
Now, I know these sort of family spats are complicated, and apparently there's more going on here, as Mihos and his sister have not spoken for years. Still, it seems to me that if Mihos wants to sell himself as a guy who worked up from nothing, he's going find that there are fewer people willing to buy that than the expired milk on his convenience store shelves. He's just another example of a guy who woke up on third base thinking he'd hit a triple.