Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mitt Romney (R-Utah)

I've joked about it before but little did I know how true it would ring. Could it be that Mitt Romney has created more jobs in Utah than he has here in Massachusetts? From today's Herald (via BMG)

[Health and Human Services spokesman Dick] Powers acknowledged that a larger contract for employees at a food stamp call center has been farmed out to Utah since September. He did not know how many Bay State jobs were being performed in Utah.
Under Romney's watch, Massachusetts has lost roughly 20,000 jobs as of January. Utah has gained at least 18, since the Utah contract is larger than the one that outsourced jobs to India, at least according to Powers. My my count that means Romney has created 20,018 more jobs, at a bare minimum, in Utah since becoming -- at least nominally -- the Governor of Massachusetts. I guess he really wanted to nail down those 5 electoral votes in 2008.