Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Verga to Head Veterans' Service?

Buried at the end of an article on new Governor Deval Patrick's cabinet choices, the Salem News printed this rumor on Monday:

One name so far not in the mix is Rep. Anthony J. Verga. The Gloucester Democrat has been rumored by some to be the state's next director of the Department of Veterans' Services.

However, Verga said Patrick has not raised the topic in discussions, and a Patrick spokesman did not know the status of that appointment.
Verga has been chair of the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs, and has been an advocate for Gloucester's fisherman in the legislature. He was also one of the 62 legislators who voted against marriage equality last week. If he were offered and accepted this post -- and given the sketchiness of the rumor, this might just be wishful thinking on -- he would have to resign his seat and a special election would have to be scheduled. What are the chances that a pro-marriage legislator could be elected in Gloucester? Is there anyone waiting in the wings who might be sympathetic to marriage equality on Cape Ann?