Friday, January 19, 2007

Money Can Buy Mitt Love II: Maybe it Can't!

Earlier this month we noted that Senator Jim DeMint's endorsement of former governor Mitt Romney for president came after a series of donations by Romney's Commonwealth PAC to the Senator's campaign. It appears, however, that some endorsements are not as easily bought.

Via Daily Kos:

You are Rep. Jim Nussle. You decide to vacate your seat to run for Governor of Iowa.

The Republican Governor's Association, headed by Mitt Romney, chips in $1.2 million.

Romney himself throws in $100K -- the largest contribution Nussle received the entire campaign.

How do you reward such largess?

You join the Giuliani campaign.

How much did Giuliani give to Nussle's gubernatorial effort?

Now, to be fair, Giuliani did campaign for Nussle, even going so far as appearing jointly on Hannity & Colmes. Add to that the fact that Romney's tenure as head of the RGA was pretty much a disaster, and it's no surprise that Nussle has thrown his lot in with someone else.