Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mass GOP Gunning for Kerry

The Boston Herald has an article today on how the Massachusetts Republican Party thinks that now that he's announced he won't run for President, Senator John Kerry is "increasingly vulnerable" to defeat in his 2008 re-election campaign. Now, I'll concede that Senator Kerry's in-state approval ratings have not been too hot lately, but don't forget that this is the same person who got over 60% of the vote in Massachusetts just over two years ago. Of course, when I see what prominent Republicans have to say about challenging him, I'm encouraged. For example, here's what State Senator Scott Brown had to say:

"I think he'll get a challenge this time. I don't think he'll get a free ride," Brown (R-Wrentham) said. "His handling of himself during this Iraq situation has been outrageous. He needs to be held accountable."
If Scott Brown and the Massachusetts GOP think that running on the Iraq war is going to be a political winner in the Commonwealth in 2008, then it's no surprise their party is going extinct here. Now, I absolutely think that it's important for Bay State Republicans to run someone against Kerry. If they're going to come back, they need a high-profile race. But, if their standard-bearer is going to talk about how much they support the increasingly unpopular war and how much John Kerry is against it, they are going to further associate the Republican party with Iraq and hurt their candidates downballot.