Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sunday BlogLeft LG Event Venue Change

Mother Nature has interfered with this weekend's planned Lieutenant Governor debate in Lowell. The debate -- sponsored by a group of us progressive blogger-types, the Lowell Democratic City Committee, and the Greater Lowell Area Democrats -- was to be held at the Lowell Senior Center. Unfortunately, due to extensive flooding, the Senior Center is being used as emergency shelter for displaced storm victims and will not be available for us.

The event has not been canceled, but has been moved to the Lowell Telecommunications TV studio at 246 Market Street. The good news is that we will be able to do a live TV broadcast and streaming video on LTC's website ( plus live blogging. The downside is that the venue is much smaller, occupancy is only about thirty people. Because of the broadcasting, we should be able to find overflow seating in local establishments.

More information about the change to theevent at the Lowell Dems blog.

Remember, you can also catch each Lieutenant Governor candidate in Watertown, Thursday, May 25th at 8PM in the Brigham House, 341 Mount Auburn Street.