Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Globe Profiles Patrick

Today's Boston Globe has a long profile of Deval Patrick. The Globe describes him as someone who has "deftly navigate[d] prickly situations." The piece is mostly a soft-touch, getting positive quotes from friends and former collegues, but it also rightly notes that his campaign is still an uphill battle. His life story, though, still strikes me as remarkable, and reading it you get a sense that this is someone who's continually tried to bring people together to find solutions to tough problems. Here's a bit from the article:

Many friends, colleagues, and family say they've long seen Patrick as a future political leader. "This is something that has percolated for a very long time," his wife, Diane, said.

Patrick said he's always wanted to be a "citizen-lawyer" who came to public service when he had something to offer. In 2004, he decided he did. "The leadership vacuum is huge," Patrick said. "And frankly only the governor gets to set the agenda. And I wanted that agenda to be ambitious."
The Globe also recently profiled Chris Gabrieli.