Monday, May 22, 2006

In Case You Haven't Had Enough Water Yet

Now that Al Gore's new movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is in the news and on the blogs and the real-life flood waters have receded, I thought this might be a good time to point out a couple of map tools that show what happens should the sea level rise. There's a fairly detailed tool from the University of Arizona Department of Geosciences that allows you to raise the sea level up to 6 meters with the danger areas highlighted in red. There's also a Google Maps mash-up that lets you drill down even further.

Just for fun, here is the future map of Watertown if the seas rise 14 meters (a mere 45 feet).

Google Map of flooded Watertown
For those of you keeping score, at this level, the Charles River comes just about up to my driveway. It's waterfront property at last!