Monday, May 01, 2006

Healey Declines First Live Debate

Mark your calendars, the first live gubernatorial debate is now scheduled for May 18th, at 7pm, broadcast live on NECN and WBUR. Democrats Tom Reilly, Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick, and Independent candidate Christy Mihos are all expected to participate. Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey has declined, despite having issued a challenge recently to debate her Democratic opponent four times after the September primaries. Apparently Healey is in favor of debates, but not just yet.

So what's Kerry Healey afraid of? Was she hoping that the Democrat would refuse to debate her? Is she so unprepared, even after three and a half years of Lieutenant Governoring, that she needs to spend the next four months training for the debates? Is she worried that the three Democrats and Christy Mihos will gang up on her? I like Kerry Healey -- Out of Touch's response to that (emphasis in original):

If Kerry Healey cannot defend her positions and hold her own against three Democrats, what chance will she have holding her own as Governor against 150+ Democrats?