Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Healey Flip-Flop Caught On Tape

Fresh off her state GOP Convention speech where she called Attorney General Tom Reilly a flip-flopping political chameleon, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey is revealed to have done some flip-flopping of her own. The Boston Herald revealed today that Healey, in her 2002 campaign said she was open to lowering the age of consent to 16, something that her campaign vigorously denied she had ever advocated. They denied it, that is, until the Herald came up with the video (Quicktime required) of her 2002 debate preparations.

Personally, I think the charge of 'flip-flopping' is silly in general, and here in Massachusetts, 62% of us voted for John Kerry, who was infamously plagued by those charges in 2004. If the Republicans wage a campaign that makes people remember why they voted for the Democrat two years ago, well, I'm not going to stop them. That said, the fact that Healey denied that she had ever thought about lowering the age of consent until confronted by video evidence is a big deal. It's one thing to be up front with voters and tell them why you changed your position, but to lie about it and pretend that the position you have now is the only one you ever had shows a lack of character. What else is Healey lying about, I wonder.

Also, make sure that you watch the video. You'll understand why Healey is refusing to debate on the 18th. For her sake, I hope she's improved some in the past four years.