Thursday, May 18, 2006

Best and Worst Moments From the Debate

I've had some time for the debate to sink in, I've read over my notes and perused the AP Article from the Globe. If you missed the debate, NECN now has links to the video from their political web page. Here's what I thought were the best and worst moments for each candidate:

  • Chris Gabrieli.
    Best Moment: Asking what happened to the dam inspectors after what happened last year in Taunton. He then went off on how the administration is proud when it fights the legislature, but thanks to those fights places like Peabody don't get the funds they need.
    Worst Moment: He was stuck on stem cells. Yes, it's important, but he couldn't answer as to how investment in life sciences would help places where the industry is unlikely to go.

  • Christy Mihos.
    Best Moment: When he talked about seeing the effect that the high gas prices have on people firsthand. I think people can relate to that.
    Worst Moment: So many to choose from. I'd say it's a three way tie between when he suggested that Massachusetts break up the oil companies, when he failed to coherently defend his property tax proposal, and when he blanked after being told he only had time for one more sentence.

  • Deval Patrick.
    Best Moment: Talking about his experience at Coke, and the countries that held your hand during the permitting process. That's something I hadn't heard from him yet and an easy way to improve the business climate in Massachusetts.
    Worst Moment: I think he failed to make a clear enough distinction between not intending to raise taxes and promising not to raise taxes under any circumstance. He needs a better 60 second answer to that and he needs it soon.

  • Tom Reilly.
    Best Moment: Talking about saving Harvard Pilgrim. That's a real example of something he achieved in public service that everyone either knows about or can related to.
    Worst Moment: When he was asked where he would site an LNG terminal, he said somewhere not "in close proximity" to population centers. That's fine, but then he went one step further and said it didn't have to be in Massachusetts at all, but could be anywhere in New England. The audience laughed. It sounded like NIMBYism at its worst.

  • Kerry Healey.
    Best Moment: Can you have a best moment at a debate you didn't attend? I guess her best moment was not having to be there to defend Mitt Romney's failed policies (such as he has policies at all).
    Worst Moment: Not showing up at all. Some disagree, but this debate left Christy Mihos as the defender of Republican ideals. The more publicity he gets without Healey to counter him, the more likely it is that he's going to steal votes from her.
What did you think were some of the best and worst moments from this debate? I'm sure many of you will disagree.