Friday, August 12, 2005

Watertown District A Profile

The Watertown Tab has a profile of the District A Town Council election between current councilor Sal Ciccarelli and East Watertown Betterment Association President Angie Kounelis. As the .08 Acre homestead is squarely in this district, I'm going to try to follow this race as closely as I can. The Tab article is a decent enough introduction to the candidates, but it doesn't really do a good job of covering many specifics. Both of the candidates are well known in the East End and I expect this has the potential to be the most exciting of the District races. I've met councilor Ciccarelli once and he seemed much more affable than I'd been expecting. Kunelis, I've never met, but I do know that she's been active here in East Watertown for many years, and though some of her causes -- like the EWBA's opposition to the Diner expansion -- have seemed strange to me, I do appreciate the amount of energy she puts toward making the East End a good place to live.

My personal goal is to get all the councilors and candidates to respond to a questionnaire before the November town elections. If anyone has any suggestions for a question, let me know in a comment or an email and I'll ask it.