Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Tale of Two Governors

A hundred and fifty miles or so down I-90, another Republican governor of a Northeastern state who had previously voiced support for pro-choice causes willveto an emergency contraception bill to better position himself for a presidential run. Apparently New York Governor George Pataki has caught himself a case of "Romneyitis". From the Times:

Mr. Quinn said the governor would be willing to reconsider the measure if the Legislature drafted and passed a new bill that addressed his concerns about the drug's availability to minors, as well as "other flaws."

Mr. Pataki's decision comes as he lays the groundwork for a presidential run in 2008 and underscores the forces he must negotiate as he steps onto the national stage.
"This is about pandering to the right wing of the Republican Party rather than doing what's right for the women of New York," [Kelli Conlin, executive director of Naral Pro-Choice New York] said.
The names and places are different, but the story is the same -- formerly moderate Republicans tack right on reproductive rights issues in an effort to attract conservative primary voters. There is, of course, one important difference between governors Romney and Pataki, one that even the Herald Editorial Staff noticed. Pataki announced last week that he's going to decline to seek re-election in 2006. Here's what Pataki himself said at the time:
"I don't want people thinking that I'm focused on being something other than being the best governor I can be for the next year and a half."
By that standard we can only assume that Mitt, in contrast, doesn't care what we think. And, he's apparently willing to bring down the state GOP with him. Not that it really has that far down to go.