Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My First Call for Donations

There were a whole bunch of things I wanted to talk about today Pat Jehlen's victory, Mitt Romney's speech at Raytheon, Bill Weld's cameo in Jesse Helms' memoirs, $3.00 gas in Watertown, etc. But in the car today I heard an interview with a man who had lost his grip on his wife as she was swept away by the floods caused by the hurricane. "You can't hold on," she had said, "take care of the kids." I tell you, I just about had to pull over. None of that other stuff really seems to matter today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back to making fun of Governor Romney, but for today I'll just urge everyone, if you haven't already, please donate to the Red Cross. I've even made it easy; just click on the button below.

Donate to the Red Cross