Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reports From Democracy Bond Rally

Last night, Howard Dean held a rally in Boston for Democracy Bond holders. Unfortunately, I was unable to go, but Daily Kos user mem from somerville was there and wrote a diary with her report with a couple of pictures. She also had this to say in a comment:

He continues to say "we can do better". He will fight in 50 states. We gotta do something for health care. No surprises, but he's definitely still in there swingin' for us.
In addition, the Boston chapter of Billionaires for Bush was there and they have some great pictures of the event. Here is their take on Democracy bonds:
The fundraiser was built on the idea of Democracy Bonds, a monthly pledge of a small amount of money to support the Democratic Party. The Billionaires discovered that not only did the bonds have a disclaimer saying they would not have any monetary rate of return, they are not even tax-deductible! Apparently, the money donated would just go into the DNC's efforts to put a Democratic candidate in every race at every level nationwide. What kind of investment is that??!?
Did anyone else go to the rally and care to share your take on it?