Saturday, August 20, 2005

Reaction to Weld Announcement Mixed

The Globe has some reaction from Democrats.

"He's been here for five years, but hasn't been involved in a public debate, public discourse, or public service. Apparently, not even any type of public service. We are kind of wondering if this just a lark on his part," [Democratic Rural Conference founder Michael] Schell said.

"Karl Rove asking him to run really isn't a good reason to run for governor," he said, referring to a call made by the White House adviser.

"William Weld is running because he is bored," said Howard Wolfson, a top Democratic strategist. "Eliot Spitzer is running to make a difference."
The Albany Times Union has some reaction from at least one Republican who is also seeking the nomination.
An associate of state Secretary of State Randy Daniels, who has been building toward a gubernatorial run since 2003, said Daniels "will take on anybody in a Republican primary -- and win."
Someone is going to run to the right of Weld in the GOP primary. The question for Weld is whether there are enough liberal Republicans left in New York to win the nomination.