Wednesday, August 03, 2005

'Round the Blogs

Dan Kennedy has a great roundup of all the recent national press Governor Romney has been getting in the past two months or so. Kennedy calls him "2005's 'It' boy in the 2008 Republican presidential sweepstakes" and cautions that all the positive attention won't last if he actually manages to become the front-runner come 2007.

Somehow I missed posting about Deval Patrick's latest blog interview, this time at the hands of wonk NOT!'s Michael DeChiara. Most of the people who read my blog probably have seen this already, but if you haven't you should really check it out.

Marry in MA had a great post this weekend about the front page, above the fold Sunday Globe article that called out the disgrace that is Family Research Institute's "Dr" Paul Cameron. When I first read that article, I was terrified it was going to be another one of those "Shape of Earth: Views Differ" style articles, but the Globe managed to smack Cameron down pretty good. The article itself is long, but it's well worth reading.

Patrick Abegg is doing great things in Gloucester. The Democratic City Committee there has actually been going door-to-door to try and engage unenrolled voters and get them to become Democrats. I think this is a great idea because, hey, it never hurts to ask.