Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Romney Plotting New Hampshire Strategy

The Boston Globe reported today that Mitt Romney may be doing some campaigning on behalf of the New Hampshire GOP in advance of their 2006 gubernatorial election. It appears that some NH Republicans are counting on Romney to be their knight in shining armor, riding in from the the south to help them retake the governor's office that they lost last year. From the article :

Romney's aides say he is fulfilling his role as vice chairman of the Republican Governors Association, which is to help elect and reelect GOP governors. But as Romney helps his fellow Republicans up north, he is sowing good will that could yield political fruit if he runs for president in 2008.

"The fact that we've got someone who seems to resonate with a broad spectrum of Republicans, and to have him next door? Gee whiz, we'd be happy if he was up here quite a bit," said Warren Henderson, who chairs the New Hampshire party. "He's among those who is in a particularly good position to do us some good, and we're grateful for the time he can give to us."
[Romney spokeswoman Julie Teer] said Romney's New Hampshire forays have nothing to do with a possible presidential bid.
Imagine this scenario; Romney announces this fall that he's going to decline to run for a second term. While he doesn't admit he's interested in running for the 2008 Presidential nomination, that's the subtext. Now, as the 2006 election approaches, Governor Romney decides that it's more politically advantageous for him to spend time in New Hampshire campaigning on behalf of the Republican running against Governor Lynch rather than staying in Massachusetts campaigning for his successor. Having friends in New Hampshire could pay dividends in time for the 2008 primary and certainly Massachusetts is not particularly fertile ground for Republicans seeking national office. Don't think Mitt would abandon the state GOP? Who's the one who said "From now on, it's me, me, me"?