Monday, January 09, 2006

Special Election Primary Tomorrow

What with battling the holidays, the new year, incompetent insurance companies and the martian death flu, I completely forgot about the special election primary tomorrow. There are contested Democratic tickets in both the 27th Middlesex District (parts of Somerville) and the 2nd Worcester District (Gardner and parts of other surrounding towns). In the 27th Middlesex, Alderman Denise Provost seems to have the advantage over Elizabeth Moroney, and whoever wins the primary will not be contested in the general election, February 7, 2006. In the 2nd Worcester, president of the Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce Michael Ellis, Ashby selectman Michael McCallum, Gardner assistant city solicitor Robert Rice face off. Ellis has the backing of Rep Brian Knuuttila, whose retirement is the reason the seat is open. The winner of this primary will go up against Republican Jonathan Dennehy and write-in candidate Dennis Venuto.

My prediction: turnout will be friends, relatives and no one much else to speak of. Who's thinking about an election a week after New Year's?