Wednesday, January 25, 2006

John Bonifaz in Watertown Thursday

John Bonifaz, Democratic candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth, will be speaking to the Watertown Democratic Town Committee Thursday evening at 8:00 PM at the Watertown Town Hall. All are welcome to join us.

Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's campaign manager in 2004, is a big booster of Bonifaz, and endorsed him on his website:

[John Bonifaz] led the fight to ensure the success of the Massachusetts Clean Money Elections Law. He's a man of integrity. He'll fight for corporate accountability while reducing the paperwork burden on businesses large and small. He will turn his office into the best source of information available to the citizens about their commonwealth.
I know John and I believe in him. I'm backing him for Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because he is without a doubt the best person for the job. Check out his website - - John needs your support today to demonstrate the early viability of this campaign. And as we all know, those who stand up against the powerful need our support the most.
I have to give credit to Bonifaz. When Bill Galvin announced that he was going to run for re-election instead of running for governor, he could have packed it in and waited until next time around. After all, that's what Cam Kerry did. At the very least, I hope that John Bonifaz is able to bring attention to the issue of voting reform in the next few months.