Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Herald: Kennedy, Kerry are Suicide Bombers

This kind of thing is just disgusting. Yesterday's Boston Herald editorial cartoon by Jerry Holbert depicted Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy wearing explosive belts each labeled "filibuster bomb". That's right, both of our Senators are terrorists determined to blow people up because they disagree with the president. Calling your political opponents terrorists is the sort of disgraceful stuff that should be relegated to the fringes -- the Free Republic message boards or washed up calypso singers -- and not given credence by the second largest paper in the nation's fifth largest media market. Holbert and the Herald owe our Senators an apology.

Elsewhere, Chris Matthews accuses Senator Kennedy of molesting Judge Alito's wife. Say what you want about Kennedy's politics or Alito's deserving to be on the court, but this kind of crap is exactly why people are turned off of politics.