Thursday, January 12, 2006

Romney to Return Abramoff-Related Money... When He's Good And Ready

The Internet was abuzz today with the story of the Republican Governors Association half-million in Abramoff related donations. Our governor, Mitt Romney, has vowed to give money donated by Abramoff's business partner Michael Scanlon (who himself has pleaded guilty to corruption charges) to charity, but not just yet. Romney said to the AP: "When influence peddling is alleged, a political institution like the Republican Governors Association wants to be above any possible shadow of complicity." So, to avoid that shadow, the RGA is donating the money to the Red Cross, but in the installment plan. Half of the money, a quarter of a million dollars, won't leave their campaign coffers until after the 2006 elections. So, in Romney's world it's OK to use Abramoff's money to get elected, just so long as you promise to give up the same amount after you don't need it so much anymore. Very classy.