Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scared Republicans

We learned from the Boston Globe today that Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey is guaranteeing Christy Mihos a spot in Republican primary. Through her spokesman, she said that she'll make sure that Mihos gets 15% of the votes at the Republican state convention in Lowell so that he qualifies for the ballot, even if that means telling her supporters to switch to Mihos for the vote. It seems to me that they're very afraid of an independent Mihos siphoning votes from a Republican Healey. David from Blue Mass. Group agrees, who notes that the Healey camp must be confident that they can take a primary against Mihos, but "terrified" of the prospect of a three-way race.

Not only is Team Healey quaking with fear, but it appears that Team Romney has been spending some time hiding under the covers. Kevin Rothstein, who blogs for the Herald, called the governor the Cowerer-in-Chief for ducking questions about how long it took him to probe the Department of Social Services' handling of the Haleigh Poutre case. Here is what Rothstein wrote about that:

Question: If Mitt Romney is strong enough to be president of the United States, why is he, via his spokeswoman, afraid to answer a reporter's question? Here's a paragraph from today's Herald article about Romney's call to probe DSS following the near-fatal beating in SEPTEMBER of 11-year-old Haleigh Poutre:

"Asked why it has taken the governor four months to launch the probe, his spokeswoman, Julie Teer, said, 'Right now, the governor is focusing on preventing this type of situation from occurring again.'"

Is the governor-slash-presidential-candidate cowering under his desk when Ms. Teer tells him about the question? Does he lock himself in the bathroom and put a paper bag over his head? Why else would he, through his spokeswoman, not want to directly answer a question?
I guess Tom Tomorrow is right, the average conservative does live in a terrifying world.