Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blue Mass. Group TV

For those of you who missed it (it was up against Lost, after all), David from Blue Mass. Group was on News Night with Jim Braude last night, to talk about the Alito hearings. You can see his portion of the show here (Media player required).

David was asked to comment on this moment (Quicktime) from the hearings where Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Arlen Specter got into a bit of a spat over whether Senator Specter was going to subpoena documents relating to the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, an ultra-conservative group that Samuel Alito once claimed he belonged to, but now denies. The whole exchange went something like this:

Kennedy: Were you a member of CAP?
Alito: Out of memory error
Kennedy: If we were able to get these documents, would that bother you?
Alito: Cannot access /usr/CAP/documents: Permission denied
Kennedy: I sent this letter asking Senator Specter if we could subpoena the CAP documents.
Specter: Well, you may have sent it, but I didn't get it.
Kennedy: Well, I sent it, so you must have gotten it.
Specter: Don't tell me what I did or didn't get!
Kennedy: How about we vote on whether or not to subpoena the documents?
Specter: I'll think about it.
Kennedy: That means, no, doesn't it?
Specter: I said I'd think about it!
Kennedy: Well, I'm going to keep asking until we do vote, so there!
Specter: You're not the boss of me!

And so on... What is it about these hearings that turns grown men into either children or robots?