Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mihos Wants No Part of Senate Race

Imagine that you wanted to buy a house, not just any one, but a particular one you'd been wanting for some time. The problem is, there are other bidders, and one in particular doesn't like you driving up the price. Now, that bidder comes up to you and says "Look, we really want this house, and we think it would be best for everybody if you just let us have it. But, if you're interested in spending all that money anyway, we'd really appreciate it if you just took it and flushed it down this toilet."

That's exactly the offer the Mass GOP are giving to Christy Mihos, at least according to the Boston Globe.

Mihos confirmed that [Governor Mitt] Romney asked him to enter the Senate race earlier this month, just hours before the governor announced he would not seek reelection. [White House political director Sara] Taylor has placed a number of calls to Mihos over the past 10 days, and Mihos said he has returned each call but has missed her. The White House declined to comment, but state GOP party sources confirmed that she called to urge Mihos to run for the senate.
Mihos is predictably uninterested in challenging Senator Kennedy. It's hard to blame him -- if you're going to choose a seat to run for, do you pick an open seat that you have a decent chance of winning or do you challenge a popular and well funded incumbent you have no shot against? The party bosses aren't even offering Mihos any help should he go up against Kennedy. They, too, know he has little chance of winning and just want someone who's willing to spend his own money to tie the Senator down. Why should he do them any favors if they're only offering him the opportunity to waste a couple million bucks?

Fellow blogger David Eisenthal has more on Mihos's impact on the governor's race.