Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Having Done All This He Sought No Second Term

Little did I realize that Governor Mitt Romney had accomplished, or was about to accomplish every single thing he'd set out to do. Here's what he said today in his press conference, quoted in the Globe:

"My decision comes down to this: In this four-year term, we can accomplish what I set out to do. In fact, we've already accomplished a great deal," he said in a speech televised live from the Statehouse.
"Frankly, there was very little to do for a second term that I could realistically accomplish," he said. "I said there is no reason to sit in the chair if the things you want to accomplish are done."
And it's so true, everything that Romney wanted to accomplish is done! It's amazing how in the space of three years, Massachusetts has gone from a horrible dystopia under Jane Swift to a wonderful fantasy world where no one is sick, there's no crime, everyone's employed, the streets are paved with gold and it snows diamonds as leprechauns and unicorns frolic under the evergreen money trees. Hooray!

Former state Senator and fellow Watertown resident George Bachrach had the following to say tonight on NECN:
"I honestly think the only thing missing from today's announcement was the governor landing on an aircraft carrier with a banner that said 'Mission Accomplished' on it. I mean, the notion of a governor in the middle of his first term saying that he checked all of the boxes off, and that he'd accomplished everything he'd wanted to do in his one term, I think must be leaving a lot of parents whose kids are struggling in school and a lot of folks that are struggling to find jobs and a lot of people struggling to find health care wondering what it is exactly that is so well done in the state of Massachusetts that he can leave."
Of course, now that I think about it, Romney actually did accomplish everything he set out to do: he got himself elected so he'd be in a position to run for President. Mission Accomplished, indeed.