Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Day to Register Before Caucuses!

Today is the last day you can go to your city or town hall and register as a Democrat to be eligible to attend your local Democratic caucus in Februrary. Only voters who are registered Democrats as of December 31 will be able to vote in the caucuses, and it's unlikely that your town clerk's office will be open tomorrow. If you are planning on changing your registration today, be sure to call ahead and check the hours.

If you absolutely can't get to the town hall today, you can print out a registration form from here and mail it in. You should still be eligible for the caucuses if your letter is postmarked by tomorrow, the 31st. You may want to check with your town/city clerk beforehand, though, to make sure.

If you live in Watertown and are interested in the caucus here, drop me a line or post a comment and I'll make sure you're kept in the loop. The time and place is supposed to be announced beforehand in the Tab, but last year I don't think I would have known when it was if I hadn't already been going to the Town Committee meetings.