Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Globe Profiles Mass. Political Internet Scene

Yesterday the Boston Globe profiled the Massachusetts political Internet scene, and while this little slice of the web was too insignificant to mention, they did link to Romney is a Fraud and its sister site Healey is a Fraud along with Blue Mass. Group.

They spent a little too much time, I think, talking about a couple of out-of-state Romney for President blogs. That's not my real problem with the article, though. The article was headlined "Politicians search for the Web advantage" but very little of it actually focused on what the politicians were doing -- there were a couple of paragraphs on the Mass Dems and their Ani-Mitt animations, and the efforts that the state GOP went to earlier this year to snatch up a couple of domain names out from under Attorney General Tom Reilly. The rest of the article focused not on the pols, but on regular people, like the Romney bloggers and the others, who support a particular candidate or political philosophy and want to talk about it. The interesting part of the story was not that politicians are trying to take advantage of the Internet but that concerned citizens are using the web as a way to get involved in the process, completely apart from the political establishments.