Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Anti-Gay Planes May Be Backfiring

Daily Kos diarist zeitshabba saw planes flying anti-marriage equality banners this afternoon and called the number on them. As it turns out, the number listed was House Speaker Sal DiMasi's, and the people who called in may not have the people those who paid for the ad had expected.

At this point I told her the Speaker has my full support, and I called out of curiousity. She was relieved, and we chatted about the reaction to the messages. I really wish I knew who paid for those planes, because I think they should know what their money ended up paying for: several times as many calls were received showing support for gay marriage than were opposed. [Emphasis added]
Flying these kind of banners is something Rep Emile Goguen (D-Fitchburg) and Ed Pawlick of Massnews have done in the past. I wonder if they realize that this may not be the best way to spend their money.