Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Romney '06: Gone as Often as Here

The AP reported tonight that Governor Mitt Romney has been spent almost half his business days out of state this year. In the past months, he's been to Georgia, Washington DC, New York, Tennessee, Iowa, South Carolina, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and countless other places I'm leaving out. From the article:

So far in 2006, Romney is spending almost half his business days outside Massachusetts, most frequently fostering his own presidential ambitions or boosting the Republican Governors Association, of which he is serving as chairman this year.

In the first four months, he was gone all or part of 56 days, including 38 during the work week. Last week, he was gone four out of five business days.
In Romney's defense, his Spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom makes the case that the Governor's travel is no different than what former Governor Mike Dukakis did during his time as chair of the Democratic Governors Association. That's as may be, but Fehrnstrom should be careful what he says if he wants to follow his boss to Washington. I can just see the Republican Primary commercials now: "Romney: No different than Dukakis". That'll win them over in South Carolina!