Monday, April 17, 2006

Maybe We All Can Get Along

There were two bits of news that gave me hope for the Mass. Democratic Party's chances to retake the Governor's office. First, Under the Golden Dome reports that all three gubernatorial candidates will appear together at the state party's coordinated campaign kickoff. Personally, I think that sets a really good example. I want to see Tom Reilly, Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick united not only after the primary, but during it. I want them each to make the case for a Democratic governor first, and then tell us why they should be the candidate.

In addition, the Boston Herald's Daily Briefing notes that Senator Kerry is helping the Mass. Dems raise $1 million for the eventual primary winner. Kerry has plenty of reasons to want to help the state Democrats take back the corner office. This is his chance to reconnect with the people who worked so hard for him in his Presidential campaign, particularly in places like New Hampshire. And don't forget that this is also payback for Romney and Healey's speeches at the 2004 Republican National Convention. The state Democrats are hoping that Senator Kerry will return the favor this fall.