Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Morning Reading

Just a couple news items today I wanted to point out. The Berkshire Eagle has an article on the consultants being used in the gubernatorial race. Political consultants are kind of a mystery to me. I would love to have a crash course in who all these firms are and who's used them before.

Today's Globe has a long profile on Sean Healey, husband to Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey. The piece is pretty fluffy, and it's surprising that the Healeys refused to cooperate with the Globe for the article. One interesting tidbit: every time AMG stock goes up a buck, the Healeys make a million dollars on paper.

Also, be sure to check out Blue Mass. Group's interview with Chris Gabrieli. The candidate sat down with BMG for about an hour and a half and talked about education, taxes, and the all-important question "why?" I'm not sure he answers that last one, but Charley's account of the interview is well worth reading. Expect the others to chime in shortly.