Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gabrieli To Announce Thursday

So says then Boston Globe in an article on the rising cost of gubernatorial campaigns:

Gabrieli, expected to announce his candidacy on Thursday, is considering an early television blitz to boost his standing with party convention delegates so he can qualify for the primary ballot, advisers said. Gabrieli spent $5 million in a failed bid for Congress in 1998 and $7 million in his 2002 race for lieutenant governor.
An early TV ad blitz will probably help Gabrieli's short-term poll numbers, but I have to wonder even about that. It's April. Do we really need to start seeing campaign ads for a September election now? Is he risking voter fatigue?

Also, why is Deval Patrick's $5.9 million in mortgages worth mentioning again, but Christy Mihos' $4.5 million isn't? Is this double standard because Democrats aren't supposed to have money or is it something more sinister?