Monday, August 15, 2005

Massachusetts Republican Governor Mulls 2006 Run

No, it's not Mitt Romney, it's former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, who the New York Post reports is 'likely' to run for governor of that state. You know that the NY GOP has got to be having trouble recruiting anyone to run against popular NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer when they're considering recycling our former officials. From the article:

Former Mass. Gov. William Weld has told state GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik and Conservative Chairman Long that he's "likely" to run for governor, and will make a final decision by the end of September.

"He says he's clearing up his business now and that he's close to making a final decision," said a source who spoke to Weld.

Long, meanwhile, has made it clear that Weld — who once said he had few ideological differences with Sen. Clinton — would have a tough time winning Conservative support.
Two words on why Bill Weld will never win a contested Republican primary: Margaret Marshall. Even if he has the NY GOP clear the field for him, Weld will never get the support of the NYS Conservative party. If I recall correctly, no Republican candidate for New York Governor has ever won an election without the support of the Conservative party. Weld would guarantee a three-way race which I predict he'd lose by two touchdowns. The last poll I saw had Spitzer beating Weld 60-16.

Also, this is the NY Post, so take it with the skepticism it's due. Weld also reportedly sent a memo to the parters at his firm saying he won't run.