Tuesday, August 30, 2005

2nd Middlesex Primary Today

The polls are about to open in Winchester, Medford, most of Somerville and a ward in Woburn for the 2nd Middlesex Senate race. The weather looks crummy and the turnout is likely to be very low. If you live in the district, your vote is never going to matter more as a percentage of the total vote than it will today. A special primary election on a rainy day during a popular August vacation week means that a very small group of people are going to make the decision on behalf of a district with more than 151,000 residents. You can either sit back and let others make that decision for you, or join in and make sure your voice is heard.

If you don't know where to vote or if you're in the district, you can check here.

Update: Blue Mass. Group has agents in the field with election day commentary in their open thread.