Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mass GOP Goes RINO Hunting

The Mass Dems blog is back, and they've pointed out an article that I missed in Sunday's Globe that documents the conservative Massachusetts Republican Assembly's opinion of Governor Romney. Here's the money quote:

But assembly activists saved their sharpest attacks not for the Democrats, but for members of their own party whom they see as either too apathetic or too liberal, politicians they deride as "RINOs," or "Republicans in name only." Engle passed out a brochure in which he compared RINOs to finding "a rat's head in a cola bottle," arguing that liberal Republicans degrade the image of the entire party.

Romney, who recently has staked out conservative positions on abortion and other hot-button issues as he considers a run for president, is no RINO, assembly activists agree, but they say he's too opportunistic to be trusted.
''We have three years to make history or be history. . . . Get involved and help stamp out RINOs in Massachusetts," Mineau said to a hearty round of applause.
Because if there's one thing that Republicans can afford to do in Massachusetts, it's drive away its moderates. If they think they can win the Massachusetts statehouse with a legion of Santorums and Brownbacks, well, it'll be funny to watch them try.

Seriously, though, it's nice to hear the other side fighting about ideological purity. Maybe that will serve to underscore just how silly it is when either side does it.