Monday, August 22, 2005

Globe Endorses Mackey

The Boston Globe has today announced that they are endorsing Joe Mackey for next week's special primary election for the 2nd Middlesex state Senate district.

Again, I think that the only endorsements here that will make a difference in this low-turnout election are going to be the ones that come with a get-out-the-vote organization. This endorsement is important, though, in that it may be the first time some people are even hearing that there is a special election next week. Of course, for those people, it's too late to register if they haven't already. Still, the Globe's endorsement could make a difference with habitual voters who are still on the fence but determined not to miss an election. Personally, I don't think that enough of those types of voters a) exist and b) will be in town to swing an election, but anything is possible when the turnout is likely to be miniscule.