Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday Morning Links

Not much time this morning, but here are a few items worth pointing out:

  • I spent about 45 minutes on yesterday's Left Ahead! podcast talking about the MA-05 race. Give it a listen. I magically appear around the halfway point and pretend to be an expert.
  • After reading this comment at BMG asking what would happen if "Joe Sixpack ever puts his entertainment interest into politics?", I was reminded of this Washington Post piece by William Arkin lamenting that War reporting was not enough like sports reporting. "[T]here are more reporters covering the Sox, just one baseball team, than cover the Pentagon."
  • Is former Governor Mitt Romney's campaign surging? Not so fast! says a recent ARG poll.
  • Somehow, Governor Deval Patrick managed to give the commencement address at his daughter's high school without completely embarrassing her. As a new parent myself, I'm not sure how he resisted!
  • Seth Geitel has a strange article in Boston Magazine (via David Bernstein and BMG) telling supporters of the Governor to not be so concerned that he's hired insiders, because insiders know how to get things done. Who exactly is he writing to? A couple disgruntled bloggers? From my conversations with fellow supporters, I haven't talked to anyone who's unhappy with the shakeup of his senior staff, and in fact I had more conversations when he first hired his "outsider" team with people who didn't think it was such a great move Frankly, I've heard more complaints about Patrick hiring so-called insiders from his political opponents than from his grassroots supporters.