Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogger Coverage of Mass Dems Convention

I'll post more thoughts on this weekend's Democratic State Convention in Amherst later today. I did want to point out how blogger coverage of the event really outdid anything from the professional media. The only press coverage of the convention that I've seen has been an article in the Springfield Republican, one in the Worcester T&G, and this account from the AP. If Sunday's Globe or Herald had any news on the event, I didn't see it.

On the other hand, over at BMG, Charley on the MTA had the whole day covered. He liveblogged the morning session, posted his own afternoon presentation, and got the audio files of Governor Patrick and Senator Kerry speaking at the evening reception. Mark Bail also has his thoughts on Charley's presentation as well as the morning events. Personally, I had intended to liveblog the floor speakers, but I did not have the password to get wireless access.

Also covering the convention so far were Lowell School Committee member Jackie Doherty, and the author of this Daily Kos diary. In addtion, Below Boston has photos from the convention. Also, via the Dish, on Flikr there is a sampling of convention goers' bumper stickers.

Update: Mimi from Left in Lowell weighs in there.

Update 2: Marie Sweeney from Greater Lowell Area Democrats chimes in on Dick Howe's blog.