Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mass Dems Say Bring a Friend to Convention

This just in from the Massachusetts Democratic Party: In an effort to open the 2007 Action Agenda Convention in Amherst to as many grassroots activists as possible, each paid delegate will be allowed to bring a guest at no charge. According to the website, "all guests will be able to participate in the morning plenary session and in the afternoon workshops." This is a great move on their part, particularly since the goal of this convention is to increase grassroots activity.  Also, I'm especially happy that they're not charging for guests given how much the convention is costing actual delegates. I feel like I'm getting a better value this way.  Hopefully this is a sign of how the party is going to be run under its new chairman, John Walsh.

If you are going to invite a guest, use this registration form, or contact the party office.