Saturday, April 21, 2007

Depression is Treatable

Guest Post by Susan Falkoff

Seven weeks after announcing she was being treated for exhaustion and depression, Diane Patrick is ready to return to public life. Hmm, 4-8 weeks is how long they say it takes most anti-depressants to take effect. They also say that situational depressions like Diane’s are highly responsive to the right medication. Impossible to fault Diane: weren’t we all a little depressed by how things were going for the first few weeks of the administration?

Can’t give medication, though. Who wouldn’t be glad to have an attentive, respectful, committed husband like Diane’s, who walks the walk about putting you first? The Globe ran a photo of Diane and Deval at the movies last weekend. I had two reactions: 1) how sweet! and 2) who was there interrupting their date with a camera? I guess we don’t see more date photos because usually governors/presidents either don’t like their spouse, don’t bother with dates, or they only attend private showings so they won’t have to talk to anyone or have a picture of their date in the Globe the next day.

Mitt Romney seemed to have been elected on the strength of an ad that talked about his lying to his father to sneak out on a date with his wife. Lying to your father is a reason to elect someone? I didn’t get it. What I do get is that what the Patricks have is the real thing. Welcome back, Diane!