Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mihos To Announce Lieutenant Tomorrow

The Phoenix's Adam Reilly has the scoop straight from Christy Mihos himself:

"It is someone who has earned it. Earned it in the sense that they've had a multifaceted career, and if anything ever happened to me, I would feel absolutely confident that that person could step in and...could do the job, and would finish the job, and would not ever look to run for anything else, or to leave the Commonwealth."
Whoever he picked would have to have been unenrolled since early March. As such, his pick is unlikely to be involved in recent electoral politics, unless he or she changed party affiliation months ago. Are there any prominent Massachusetts independents? Did he pull someone out of the political mothballs? Anyone have any guesses?

Part of me wonders if he's picked a more left-leaning person with the idea of running on a unity ticket.

UPDATE: The Globe says it's John J. Sullivan, Town Moderator of Winchester. Who?