Friday, June 02, 2006

Convention Begins Tonight!

The convention starts tonight! If you're a delegate and can make it for the Friday session -- please do. Despite assurances from the state party that there will be no shenanigans, there are rumors still swirling.

There's not much time for a full post on anything, but I did want to note that the Havard Crimson, of all places has the best coverage of last night's rally with Deval Patrick and Senator Barack Obama. The event was great -- neither speaker disappointed. I've heard, and even said that comparisons between the two are superficial, but they both talked about messages of hope and community last night. Patrick has been accused of borrowing his message from Senator Obama, but I again heard echoes tonight of Patrick's 1994 speech. Let the record show that Patrick was talking about these themes since he started with the Clinton administration.

Also, the Globe today twice mentions our caucus success here in Watertown. Thanks again to all of you who helped make that happen!