Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Healey vs. Gabrieli - 2002 Version

Today the aptly named and always excellent Kerry Healey - Out of Touch sets the wayback machine to 2002 and gives us an excellent recap of the 2002 Lieutenant Governor's debate between then-candidates Kerry Healey and Chris Gabrieli, both of whom are now seeking their party's top billing. Here's the sum-up:

Just a cursory look back at the Healey-Gabrieli back-and-forths yield that Kerry Healey flip-flops on civil rights, is unable to create jobs, fails at party-building (not to mention economy-building) and blames others for her failures, has no idea what it takes to teach young students English and prefers not to give schools local control, and fails miserably on improving the housing situation in the Commonwealth.
That sounds about right to me. Go on and read the whole post for links to articles and commentary published just after the debates.