Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Skeleton in Reed Hillman's Closet

Former State Police colonel and current Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Reed Hillman has tried to explain away the 1997 policy that kept pregnant troublesome broads female Troopers off the street and prevented from getting overtime. How, then is he going to explain away this? According to the Boston Herald, Hillman advocated for a pardon of former state Senate candidate and self-described "buddy" James Mitchell, who was thrice arrested for OUI, and once for assaulting a police officer. Mitchell apparently sought the pardon (which was eventually denied) after his application for a gun license renewal was denied.

So, let's get this straight. Reed Hillman, who now is on a Republican ticket trying to take credit for Melanie's Law -- which toughens penalties for repeat OUI offenders -- thinks that his buddies should be exempt from those consequences. After all, if Mitchell was pardoned and re-offended, prosecutors would presumably not be able to use his previous conviction when seeking his punishment, nor would he be forced to install the interlock Breathalyzer device in his car, like other repeat offenders are now forced to do. Whatever he was before, Hillman is now just another politician who talks tough on crime when the cameras are rolling, but pulls every string he can to make sure his political allies don't have to face any consequences.

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